A step closer, my love, and this heart flutters like the stirred butterfly’s wings- hesitant to fly, hesitant to settle. A step closer, my love, and ‘tis closer to flight.

The magnitude of what tomorrow holds has hit me, but not fully, not yet. I don’t think there is any way to realize the gravity of it than being in that moment. However, it has constantly been on my mind since they spoke, whatever I may doing. Just knocking on the doors of consciousness, it remains a constant companion. I don’t know how much after tomorrow my life will change, but I am not even thinking about that. I am lucky, alhamdulillah, that tomorrow will happen at all, inshaAllah.

This time tomorrow, inshaAllah, my family will be very, very happy.

My inactivity here is a reflection of my utility in life.

Most people choose to believe what they want to. Very few believe in truth.

In the same breath, nothing makes me sadder than family.

Nothing makes me happier than family.

I yearn for that day.

I yearn for the day when we are no longer a possibility.

I yearn for the day when,
we remove these invisible, opaque barriers we have placed between us,
rendering inaudible what we utter to each other in silence;
the day when,
a simple touch is loud enough to say all that we could never say to each other-
in love, in trust, in apology, in forgiveness;
the day when,
what is lost in words is understood through sight;
the day when,
I do not look away in fear of losing myself in the world within the depths of your eyes;
the day when,
you rest your head on my shoulder without fear from reliance;
the day when,
we are inseparable and as one in grief and joy;
the day when,
I sit by you- my home within my home, my world within this world;
the day when,
your embrace tells me all that I ever need to know.

I yearn for that day when we are, and all of this is, our reality.

The best among us are those who do the most for others with the smallest amount of knowledge.

I am dumbfounded. How does a person happily arrange something for their spouse that would leave them no choice but to see another member of the opposite sex in a very sexualized manner, willingly or otherwise? Leave religion aside, but are these people naive? The denigration of moral values and good sense in our society is shocking at times, even now.

People try so very hard to define love. Look around, and you will find countless ways people try and expain what love means, countless ways people try to express their love for someone, countless reasons people come up with for why they love someone.

Most have a valid perspective. However, when you start pulling all these perspecives together, perhaps you will start seeing the picture that I now see, which is that people simply love -  it can be one of countless number of reasons that triggered the initiation of the love, but people simply love, once they really do. And how do we know if someone really loves another? Do not ask the person if they love the other, for people like to think that they love, when they may actually not. Rather, ask the other person if they feel loved or they know that they are loved. It is something simply felt, and implicitly known, without ever having to be uttered, even if it may be.